Our journey started with a simple idea.  People living in poverty deserve better.  They deserve the opportunity to earn fair wages and change their own circumstances, as opposed to living in a cycle of dependency created by well-intentioned aid groups.  Our work started in 2007 when our founders traveled to Uganda and taught an initial group of 10 women to make crocheted headwear.

Over the years, Krochet Kids intl. has impacted hundreds of women through the power of meaningful employment and empowered their families toward self-reliant futures.  Thanks to this intentional approach to production children have reached higher levels of education, new businesses have been founded to provide even more opportunities, and local communities are seeing a new model for change in their peers.





To this day Krochet Kids intl. continues to create life-changing job opportunities to women & men through the creation of their products.  Production facilities that we helped co-create are now run by local leaders in Uganda & Peru so the impact can be sustained in a relevant way for years to come.

Since we first began, every product has been signed by the person who made it.  Our customers get to take part in understanding the positive impact of their purchases, and we get to celebrate the incredible makers who are behind the items we sell.  Thanks to our partnership with our parent brand — KNOWN SUPPLY — we allow our customers to get a direct look at who made their products.

This is changing the face of the global fashion industry as we know it.