We Are Committed To Impact

Impact means results.
We measure the
life-change that occurs
as a woman participates in
our program.

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It's Working

We go to great depths to ensure our model actually results in empowerment. We developed an extensive monitoring and evaluation system that measures a series of empowerment indicators every month. The result is a real-time understanding of our social impact and proof that our model is working.

Below are just a few of the highlights we have measured from women participating in our programs in Uganda & Peru.

A Steady Income

Personal income grows to be 10X larger than pre-KKi levels. More income means a greater capacity to invest in the long-term wellbeing of her family.

Savings Increases

Savings levels increase by 25X. Savings provide a safety net during hard times, a way to handle unforeseen expenses and the seed capital to start a business.

More Children in School

Children are 8X more likely to attend high school if their mother participates in our program. In places where higher education is rare, children who finish high school have significantly more opportunities than those who don’t.

Join Us

Our products serve as the best way to continue this story of empowerment. Each piece we make is hand-signed by the woman who made it. Your purchase enables this cycle to continue and gives you a window into what this impact looks like for one person.

We made a conscious decision from day one to maintain a clear focus on impact. Learn about ways you can partner with us to further the social impact we are generating on the ground.