Loving the Orphans

Loving the Orphan: Aparo Kevin witnessed terrible things after she was abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). She watched as family members were killed, homes burned and her peers abducted. She struggled to find hope in such tragic circumstances, but rather than giving up, she found purpose in caring for others. On one fateful day, the LRA group that she was being held captive by was ordered to attack a house near their camp. Upon reaching the house, they abducted a young woman and her two daughters. Kevin’s job was to grab the two children while the soldiers harassed the…

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Story of Change: Lesly Castillo

For Lesly, the chance to learn how to make quality clothing at Krochet Kids Peru was an opportunity she didn’t want to miss. Before joining the KKPeru she worked part-time in a local clothing store, where she discovered a passion for the industry. Unfortunately she didn’t earn enough income there so she spent the rest of her time working at a local grocery store, a job that she didn’t enjoy as much. She jumped at the opportunity to join KKPeru when her neighbor Evangelina (also a participant in the program) told her about a job opening. Learning to knit and…

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Story of Change: Owacgiu Sharon Graduates

Owachgui Sharon Krochet Kids Uganda

Owacgiu Sharon is one of the most recent graduates from Krochet Kids Uganda. In February 2014 she concluded her time at Krochet Kids and started a retail business that will help her family to thrive for years to come. Sharon is Congolese by nationality but moved to Gulu, Uganda at a young age to stay with her uncle. Like a lot of young girls in Uganda, she was forced to drop out of school because her family thought women were most valuable when doing domestic housework, not studying. Sharon married at an early age with the hope that a husband…

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Story of Change: Hilaria’s Strength to Persevere

Hilaria is a great example of the resilience and strength of the women we work with in Peru. When her father passed away and left the family farm to her and her siblings, Hilaria stepped up to the challenge.  She worked in the fields and cared for the cattle and sheep to help her family makes ends meet.

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Story of Change: Leonor’s New Future

Leonor Melendez Krochet Kids Peru

Leonor was born in the Andean highlands of Peru into a family of farmers.  When she was 14 she moved to the capital city of Lima to attend high school with the hope that by attending a better school she would have greater opportunity in life. Unfortunately, Leonor found herself in the situation of most young migrants and was forced to drop out of school because she didn’t have the money to pay for school fees.

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