Onward and Upward: Acaa Margret

Krochet Kids Uganda

Before joining Krochet Kids Uganda, Acca Margaret sold sugar cane, peanuts and porridge on the side of the road. At the end of the month Margaret would have to spread out the $30 she earned to provide for all her family’s basic needs. It was difficult for her to make any progress in life because she often times didn’t have enough to cover her basic expenses let alone invest into her future.

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Pursuing Her Dreams: Akello Josephine

Akello Josephine was faced with struggle at an early age when she developed a strange disease, which could not be medically diagnosed and left her physically handicapped for six years. Her father’s unexpected passing as a child thrust her family into poverty and she was forced to drop out of school. As an adult Josephine and her husband continued to battle poverty, working any way they could. Between their two jobs they were struggling to provide for themselves and their son. In May of 2011 Josephine joined the Krochet Kids Uganda program. She has since flourished; she no longer has…

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