Story of Change: Acayo Christine

Christine once spent nights fearing for the wartime well-being of her family, but today she approaches her future with confidence and positivity. Christine’s journey highlights an important aspect of the impact KK intl. programs generates; when one is empowered, they empower others.

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Training Update: Dancing in Uganda

Yes, dance training is definitely part of our empowerment curriculum. In Uganda, dancing is more than a fun activity for a group of friends on a Friday night. Historically dancing has held much deeper cultural meaning. For thousands of years the Acholi people lived without books, pen and paper. They relied on drama and dancing to pass their cultural narratives and values down the generations.

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This was another piece that we highlighted at our gala events earlier this month. We collaborated with Propaganda of Humble Beast to create an original piece surrounding the concept of empowerment. As an organization, we strive to empower our ladies to rise above poverty. View Full Post