FALL 2015 LOOKBOOK - Krochet Kids intl.
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Fall is the season of harvest. It’s a time to reap the benefits of what was planted, nurtured, and fostered throughout the year. Leaves turn shades as temperatures fluctuate, and the opportunity and possibility of a bountiful new season is embraced.

Whether it was earlier resolutions or summertime ambitions, it’s never too late to replant those hopes, dreams, and ideas and cultivate them for a successful season. Fall welcomes new colors, silhouettes, and the chance to be purposeful about your purchases. Every product is hand-signed by the woman who made it, so you can know that you are helping someone accomplish their dreams. For many of our beneficiaries, the steps towards a positive and lasting impact don’t begin until they enter our program in Uganda or Peru. Cultivating change is like casting a stone into still water – it ripples out to family, friends, and eventually transforms entire communities.

It’s never too late to plant these seeds. This season, cultivate the moments that will progress you to where you want to be. Make the time to engage with others, explore unknown places, and be purposeful with each decision you make.

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