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Programs in Uganda & Peru

Q: Do you only work with women?
A: Currently, the beneficiaries of our program are all women. This is due to their unique role as mothers and heads of households. By giving this group of ladies a stable income they are able to provide for many others beyond themselves.

Q: Does KK intl. hope to expand its efforts to other parts of the world?
A: Absolutely. We are very excited about the opportunity to take our programs to other areas of the world that are in need.

** If you have questions more questions about our impact or the work we do on the ground in Uganda & Peru please visit our WHAT WE DO page **


Q: Where are your hats made?
A: All our hats are made in either Northern Uganda & Peru, by individuals taking part in our programs.

Q: Is there a way to know who made my hat?
A: Inside every product we create there is a label that is personally signed by the person who made it. Get to know their story and how you are taking part in changing their life – you can even send her a thank you note.  Meet the lady who made your product!

Q: How does the money from my purchase change lives?
A: Your purchase allows KK intl. to do several very important things: 1) to sustain our current programs by providing education and a stable income to impoverished women around the globe, 2) to grow those programs, and 3) allow us to better share the stories of the ladies we work alongside.

Q: The hat I want is out of stock. Will you have more in the future?
A: Due to our production model, we aim to make low quantities, yet a high variety of all our handmade products. When a product is sold out, there is a small chance it will ever be re-stocked. We do this to provide you with the most unique products and to care for our beneficiaries abroad.

Q: Where can I buy Krochet Kids intl. gear?
A: You can get all our products on our online store, or check our retail locator to see if there are stores in your area that carry our products.

Q: If I buy a something other than a hat, does my money still help “to empower people to rise above poverty”?
A: You bet. Any purchase made through KK intl. goes to supporting our work in northern Uganda and furthering our efforts in impoverished communities around the world.



Q: How can I help?
A: Buy a hat. Learn the story of the lady who made itTell your friends.  Love those around you.

Q: Do you have internships?
A: We are constantly looking for like-minded people to help further the story and message of KK intl. Check our jobs & internships section for any current listings.

Q: Where did the name “Krochet Kids intl.” come from?
A: The name was originally given to the founders of KK intl. when they started a small crocheted hat company while they were in high school. It just stuck. Read the full story HERE.

Q: Do you accept donations?
A: Yes. Donations help us to further the impact we have on communities around the world. Join with us and donate online or send a check to:
Krochet Kids intl.
1630 Superior Ave. Unit C
Costa Mesa, CA 92627