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Each beneficiary we work with supports on average 6-7 (6.5) other people with the wage she earns at Krochet Kids. This generally includes providing food, shelter, school fees and health care for these household members.

Beneficiaries of our Uganda project are supporting 438 students in school through their income.  53 of these students are enrolled in high school, an opportunity that only 4.8% of people in Gulu have.  

182 women are participating in our Savings and Credit Cooperative in Northern Uganda.  It is, in fact, truly their SACCO as it’s fueled by their own investment capital, and they manage the savings and loaning bylaws. We like it that way.  

Each beneficiary spends at minimum 3 hours every month meeting one-on-one with their mentor. During this time the mentors help the women navigate their unique path towards future self-sustainability and wellbeing.

Our programs would be nothing without the incredible local staff who are working day in and day out to help the ladies. We rely heavily on their cultural expertise so that our programs remains relevant to the communities we are trying to serve.

13 beneficiaries have chosen to go back to school to finish up their degree. For some this means finishing up formal schooling and for others it means going to vocational school where they are learning valuable skills for the future.

Each week our staff provides trainings that equip beneficiaries of the program with the knowledge to make positive steps in life.

35 children attend our childcare program in Peru where we help with their educational development. Some of the older children participate in capacity development training that is tailored specifically for kids.

As our numbers have grown we've had the privilege of promoting 11 beneficiaries to be production leaders. Their leadership is vital to the health of our programs and the quality of our products.

A goal of ours is that beneficiaries develop beyond the need for the services we offer.  Starting a business is a great investment in the economic wellbeing of the family in the future. Over the next year we expect to see this number grow as many of the ladies are nearing the 3 year mark in the program.

In 2011-12 the Savings and Credit Cooperative loaned out over $18,000 to members of the group. This money was used to pay school fees, buy land, purchase assets and start businesses.  

180 women are participating in Krochet Kids programs.  150 women in Uganda and 30 in Peru.  Including staff, the Krochet Kids family is 210 people strong.

Families are well-fed and nourished.  Even more importantly, our data shows that the nutritional value of these meals has steadily increased the longer the ladies have been part of the program.

Malaria is Africa's leading cause of death among children 5 and younger and kills on average 320 Ugandans everyday. Over 98% of our ladies and dependents sleep under a bed net which drastically reduces the chance of getting malaria.

978 people in Uganda and Peru have regular access to a clean (improved) water source.   Water related diseases kill 3.4 million people across the globe each year and this is one less threat to the families we work with.

There are now 9 motorcycles carting people and goods around Northern Uganda that are owned by our beneficiaries. By owning a motorcycle the ladies are able to double their income every month.  They also employ 9 people, usually men, to operate the motorcycle.

Each month the beneficiary group spends $4,353 on educating the next generation.  How awesome is that?!

We love high fives. And we love to show the people we work with everyday how much we care about them. The result is a lot of encouraging high fives and hugs.

a. We understand that change takes time, we commit to working with each beneficiary for a minimum of 3 years.

b. The average Ugandan saves .3% of their income.  Beneficiaries who have taken part in our savings training have consistently saved 10% of their income each month.

c. 55 acres of land were bought by beneficiaries in the last 5 years.  They are helping to set up their families for a stable future.

Each lady makes around 1,000 hats each year that carry her signature and story all across the globe. The encouragement they receive from people who purchase their hats gives them courage and hope to keep changing their lives for the better.

Including family members (especially spouses or other male head of households) in our program is extremely important to the wellbeing of the family unit. Once every two months we offer family/spouse trainings where we address topics like spousal abuse, reproductive health and conflict resolution.  We invite all the family members and make sure that we have enough soda at the compound to make sure that everyone is satisfied.

Over the last five years, beneficiaries have purchased and/or reared over 1100 cows, chickens and goats. These animals are used for both consumption and for generating income.

104 bicycles have been purchased by the beneficiary group.  This drastically reduces to amount of time they have to spend coming to and from work and do other tasks like collecting water, creating more time to spend with family.