Storytellers Visit KK Peru!

08_30 PM

Follow along as Branden Harvey, Sammi Harvey, Michael O’Neal, and Jesse Walsh share stories from on the ground at Krochet Kids Peru.

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The Long March to Social Impact

KK intl. Graduation Blog

In a world of instant gratification and feel good messaging surrounding the “good” products we purchase, we tend to forget about the most important part… the people being impacted. Percentages of profits being donated or products being given to communities in need don’t tell a complete story.

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Story of Change: Akwero Agnes

uganda empowerment

Akwero Agnes is a recent graduate who is flourishing and one of the 80% of women who start their own businesses after graduation. We’re so excited to share an update on the strides she’s made since leaving our program.

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3 Ways We Support Mothers

empowering women

This dream of wellbeing and support for children is echoed by the rest of the mothers in our program. Over 93% of our beneficiaries are mothers, and many of them support more than one child. We’re honoring these women by sharing the three ways we uniquely position our model to empower women and mothers.

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[VIDEO] A Product Story: ‘the Pike’


There are people behind each product you buy. A thousand unique fibers connect you to them, and yet, how often are you able to actually connect with them? Learn how ‘the Pike’ weekender bag and every other product made at Krochet Kids intl. connects people far away from one another.

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