Top 10 Places to Visit in East Africa

Visiting East Africa

Here at Krochet Kids intl. we are lucky enough to call multiple locations “home”. From our sunny HQ in Southern California to our empowerment projects in both Uganda and Peru, we commit to rooting ourselves in each of these places. We’re fortunate that our mission of empowerment takes us near and far – Our Director of Development, Sean, spent four years working in Krochet Kids Uganda and traveling across East Africa. He returned from his time in Uganda with incredible stories of impact, change, and an impressive list of the top 10 places to visit in East Africa. 1. Zanzibar,…

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An Open Letter to Dreamers

To those who don’t believe in a 12 step program for life. To those who trade comfort for passion. To you who are challenging the way things are “supposed to be”… keep going. Chase after your dream, this unique calling that only you can pursue.

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Who made my clothes?

In the wake of one of the most tragic recent events experienced by the global apparel industry has spawned a hopeful movement of people creating a new future and asking the right questions.

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#KnowWhoMadeIt Profiles: Sean Tulgetske #001


#KnowWhoMadeIt is a movement created to bridge the gap between consumer and producer. For the end user, the products hold much more significance and purpose. For the maker, it honors their creation and provides credit where credit is due. To explore this idea further, we are hosting a series on our blog where we interview those who create and discuss the importance of signing the work they produce. People are behind products. Let’s celebrate this! Name: Sean Tulgetske Age: 23 Occupation: Designer Location: Fullerton, California You’re a letterer. Can you tell us exactly what that means? To put it in…

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warehouse sale

On 3/14 and 3/15 (THIS WEEKEND), we’re opening our doors to all of you for a weekend of exciting sales and good vibes. We’re so happy to include additional brands like 31 Bits, Insight, Deus, and Vestal to share their own great products alongside ours! That means more incredible deals on a wide range of items, like boardshorts, jackets, headwear, tees, knits, jewelry, accessories, sweaters, and more.

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5 Lessons For Creating a Successful Internship Program

We started our internship program in 2010 for a simple reason: We needed help! And those early teams helped in a big way, although the process was not without plenty of bumps and struggles as we learned just how to utilize and empower interns well. Since then our program has grown immensely, and we’ve been able to clarify the roles our interns play and how to best set them up for success.

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Welcome Spring Playlist

spring playlist

Sure, Punxsutawney Phil says we’re still in for a bit more winter, but as we’ve transitioned from frigid winter to sunnier skies (remember, our HQ is in California), I wanted create a list of tracks that sort of embody that restoration starting to take place. I give you, the Welcome Spring Playlist.

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5 Things You Can Expect As A KK intl. Intern

Since starting our intern program in 2010, we’ve had nearly 200 incredible interns spend a season (or two!) with us in our offices in California, Uganda or Peru. From helping in our day to day tasks, to learning all the behind the scenes details, to building relationships and loving on the people we work with, each intern has left their unique stamp on Krochet Kids intl. Every team takes on its own personality and builds its own story, but through it all a few consistent themes have emerged. If you’re thinking about interning with us, here are a few things you can expect.

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From us to you: FREE SHIPPING Worldwide On All Orders from 12/12 – 12/14! We’re in the final days of holiday shopping! Take advantage of a gift from us this weekend while you’re finishing up your last-minute shopping. Get free shipping on all orders to any of the more than 40 countries we ship to. Valid now to midnight 12/14 PST.

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