LEGACY // 10 Years of Krochet Kids intl.

We just hosted our first ever live streaming event on Facebook and Instagram to kickoff something very special. 2017 marks the 10 year anniversary of Krochet Kids intl. and we are entirely humbled and grateful to reach this milestone. Watch the previously recorded live video and learn about an exciting new campaign.

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Cage-Free Clothing

fair trade clothing

What would our world look like if we demanded the same level of insight and knowledge about our clothing production, as we did for the food we consume? Read more in this letter from our CEO!

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Recap: Face to Face

This event is one we look forward to each year because we are able to connect our supporters and donors with the people that are on the ground at our empowerment projects each and every day. We enjoy sharing highlights of the year and celebrating alongside one another.

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Setting A New Standard For Apparel

We live in a world where we view our clothing as dispensable. We rarely ever begin to think about how that item was made, or the person who skillfully stitched each seam. The global fashion industry has trained us to shop the latest trends, at the lowest price possible, period. We want to change this.

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Meet Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk, our second feature for our #KnowWhoMadeIt series. This movement was created to bridge the gap between consumer and producer. For the end user, the products hold much more significance and purpose. For the maker, it honors their creation and provides credit where credit is due.

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