Whole Foods Visits KK Peru!


We had the pleasure of hosting our friends from Whole Foods at the KK Peru HQ. The Whole Foods crew had the opportunity to meet the ladies who make the products, exchange meaningful life stories, and dive deeper into our mission!

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Story of Change: Akwero Agnes

uganda empowerment

Akwero Agnes is a recent graduate who is flourishing and one of the 80% of women who start their own businesses after graduation. We’re so excited to share an update on the strides she’s made since leaving our program.

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Take Your #KKiOutside


Every day we look forward to seeing the photos you share of your adventures featuring your favorite KK intl. product. Whether you’re traveling far from home or hiking a local trail, we love being part of these special moments that you share with the #kkioutside hashtag. Here are a few of our recent favorite images!

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The Power of a Signature

fashion revolution

Like Fashion Revolution, we believe fashion can be made in an environment that honors creativity, quality, and, most of all, values people. Every product is hand-signed by the person who made it, and that signature is a powerful symbol for the ladies in our program.

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Cage-Free Clothing

fair trade clothing

What would our world look like if we demanded the same level of insight and knowledge about our clothing production, as we did for the food we consume? Read more in this letter from our CEO!

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