Maribel Merino

Maribel is a persevering, hardworking woman who is honest and strong. When people in her community think of her, people say she is a good person and is worth a lot! Before coming to KK Peru, Maribel worked as an assistant in an apartment complex. Eventually when she stopped working, her husband was the sole provider for the family. Maribel says that she is proud to participate in KK Peru because it allows her to have a steady, personal income while having a mentor who listens and advises her through different things.

“We want to buy a field. I want a better job and to give my son a good education.“

“Besides being a nice feeling, it’s to give everything for the person you love. Such as my son, I would be able to give my own life for him.”

“All I do is done with love for you to enjoy and take.”

“I like dancing, singing, and listening to music.”

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Previous Thank Yous

  1. Cicely Dombach

    I received the eggshell Brady hat and it is amazing! Thank you so much for making it! I see you also enjoy singing, dancing, and music which is a huge part of my life so its awesome to see we have that in common! Thank you again. God Bless.

  2. Keren

    I received that beanies you made as a gift from a dear friend and I absolutely loved it! So comfy and pretty!
    Thank you for putting so much effort into making it.
    I wish you all and nothing but the very best.


  3. Monica De La Rosa

    Thank you so much for the beanie! It is amazing and very soft and super cute! It’s also very comfy will be wearing this a lot this winter!!!! Much love! Xoxo, Monica

  4. Steven Phillips

    Hi Maribel,
    The beanie that you made is absolutely wonderful! I am so thankful for it and it arrived in perfect time for me to go camping in the desert. Your handiwork is spectacular and you are very talented! I hope all is well with you and your family and every time I wear this beanie I will pray for the safety of your family and that God would bless you. Thank you!
    God bless,
    Steven Phillips

  5. Erin Gravitt

    Hi Maribel!

    I received a red hat from Krochet Kids today that was made by you. Thank you! I’m giving it as a gift to my new sister-in-law Meredith for her birthday gift. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. I read that you have a son. Well, I have a daughter who is 1 year old. I love her so much, and just like you, I want her to have a good education and my husband and I work hard so that she can have a good life. God bless you and your family in Peru!

    Love, Erin

  6. annie michel

    thank you for the lovely “Hayley” you knit for me–it’s beautiful! can’t wait for the weather to turn so i can start wearing it!
    blessings to you,

  7. Jason Rhymer


    Thank you for making my lovely hat! I am a youth minister in North Carolina and I got it in my Faithbox. I plan on sharing it with someone in need, that might be living on the streets of our city. Thank you!

    God bless,

  8. José G. Montoyo-Rosario

    Hi Maribel,

    I bought a END IT beanie at Passion 2016! It is great to know return a thank you to the person who made my hat that would protect me from the NYC cold. Thank you Maribel!


    Hola Maribel,

    Recientemente fui al evento Passion 2016. Allí tuve la oportunidad de comprar un gorro de END IT. Es una placer que esta organización existe para darte las gracias por hacer este gorro que me protegerá del frío de NYC. !Muchas gracias Maribel!


  9. inga balchen

    I bought a tuque made by you. It is nice and warm,

    I live in Canada. It is beautifully made. Thank


  10. Sarah compton

    I got a cowl made by you today! It was beautiful!!! Thank you very much for it!!!