Akot Beatrice: A Portrait of Empowerment


Akot Beatrice no longer works at Krochet Kids Uganda. In the five years she spent as a part of our programs in Northern Uganda she became an integral part of our work and production. She made hundreds of hats, signing each one, and managed a group of fellow crocheters. She was a leader, yet it was not our goal to have her remain in this role forever. Our hopes for her, like her own dreams, were so much bigger.

It is now her task to lead Krochet Kids Uganda in an entirely new manner. She has officially graduated from KKU. During her time with us she leveraged her trainings, income, and mentor guidance to start multiple businesses. Today, she is not only sustainably employing herself, but she has also created more jobs for her family and community.

Beatrice is a model for what EMPOWERMENT can look like. It’s about equipping people with the skills, tools, and resources to pave their own path forward. When you care for the whole person they are enabled to be who they were made to be. This is empowerment.


This is one of the most important stories about our impact we have ever released.

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