Storytellers Visit Krochet Kids Peru!

08_30 PM

Follow Along: On the Ground at KK Peru!

We care deeply about connecting people. Every product is hand-signed by the lady who made it and you can meet her on her profile and even leave her a message of gratitude. Today, we are excited to announce that we are connecting a group of very talented individuals and storytellers to our initiatives in Peru alongside our friends at Yeah Field Trip.

We sent them from their hometowns to Krochet Kids Peru where they'll learn firsthand the significance of this connection. You can join the journey with Branden Harvey, Sammi Harvey, Michael O'Neal, and Jesse Walsh they spend time in the community and with the people we adore so much. They will even document our Thank You Ceremony, where the thank you notes you've written will be handed to each lady so she can experience this same connection to you.

Additionally, Branden will be taking over our Instagram stories for the duration of the trip, so be sure to follow along on our feed as well!

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