Spring 2014 Accessories: Special Occasion

the Grant necktie Krochet Kids intl.

Spring is in full bloom: the flowers, green trees, and the many special occasions. It is time to dress your best this spring with accessories of class and empowerment. No matter what the occasion, we have what you need to help you look nothing but sharp for the fancier times of spring.

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Festival Collection 2014


There is much planning that goes into attending a festival, especially with clothing and accessories. That’s why Krochet Kids intl. has put together a Festival Collection so you can rock all the essential trends while rocking the message of empowerment.

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All New Graphic Apparel


Assembled at our Cut & Sew program in Peru, our graphic apparel products are light in weight for the springtime sun but were made with a heavy load of love.

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Spring 2014 Collection: Bags


Fully constructed at our Cut & Sew program in Peru, our bags are ready for all your traveling needs so you can carry Krochet Kids intl. wherever you go.

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Late Additions to the Spring 2014 Collection


Each of our late additions to the SPRING 2014 COLLECTION carries the signature of the woman who created it making each of our products one-of-a-kind. You can feel good while looking good knowing exactly where your item came from and knowing exactly who made it.

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New Children’s Products for Spring 2014


It’s never too early to share the importance of helping one another, loving one another, and appreciating one another to our children. Through our new children’s products your little guy or girl gets to join in on our mission to empower people above poverty…all while looking as adorable as ever.

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SPRING 2014: All New Cut & Sew Apparel


The beginning of 2014 marked the 1-year mark of our Cut & Sew Initiative at Krochet Kids Peru. Much dedication, time, and love has gone into this project to ensure that not only new quality products are being created, but that the program overall helps empower our beneficiaries to rise above poverty.

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Go Team USA!


These games only happen once every four years. Don’t miss your chance to stand in solidarity with Team USA as they go for gold! We have a number of products that don the Red, White & Blue, so be sure to check them out. Shop USA Olympics beanies, bow ties, and hair accessories in our online store.

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SPRING 2014 Collection: Progress

SPRING 2014 collection Launch

Our latest collection is released today, encapsulating the theme and the spirit of one central idea – PROGRESS. Our goal as a brand and an organization is to continually be progressing and encouraging others to do the same.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Krochet Kids intl. Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

This year for Valentine’s Day, we’re doing an early release of some select products from our SPRING 2014 collection because we love YOU! Show your love for making an impact by purchasing one of these all-new items for your special someone!

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