Fall Bags ’14

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With new styles, patterns, and prints, there’s a fall bag for every type of adventurer.

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New Season, New Headwear


Fall is a season of transition and change, and we’re changing things up for you with a bunch of new hats! Keep your headwear fresh with chunky cable knits, vibrant pom poms, and plenty of new colors.

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Get Comfortable in a Krochet Kids intl. First


This year, KKintl. has seen a lot of firsts—our first backpack, our first crocheted apparel, our first use of vegan leather, and now our first pants, ‘the Lounge Pant’ for ladies and ‘the Sweat Pant’ for guys! As temperatures begin to drop, we can’t wait to cozy up in these oh-so-soft bottoms.

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Fall 2014: Discover


Fall 2014 has arrived! Fall is the season to get out there and reach for entirely new places. It’s time to listen to that inner voice begging you to push forward, to dig deeper, and to discover your true potential. Use this explorative space to see perhaps not the destination, but certainly the next steps in your journey, and find yourself in the process. With that knowledge, grant yourself the latitude in whatever that looks like and dare to do something extraordinary. Discover new territories –both internally and externally– and allow us to help you along the way. Venture forth into this unknown expanse equipped to take on…

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Final Days of #GetYourStuffTogether


We’re nearing the end of our #GetYourStuffTogether Giveaway online and there’s still time to get your entries in to win our GRAND PRIZE: ‘the Brooklyn’ backpack + an iPad Mini + MUCH MORE!! We’re so excited and humbled by the response to the contest. Thousands of entries have poured in between our main grand prize contest and our weekly prize pack giveaways. There’s still time to enter and prizes to unlock, so let’s finish strong!

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End of Summer Sale


What better way to say Bon Voyage! to summer than with a SALE?! Our End of Summer Sale is the perfect time to snag some excellent summer staples before they’re gone with the warmth. Select styles for men, women, and children are UP TO 50% OFF!!

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Carry On Collection


Sir Isaac Newton proved that “an object in motion stays in motion.” The same goes for us. Once in motion, we are meant to push forward, to go places, to continue on and to get busy living!

It’s summer. Your seasonal euphoria, and the initial propulsion, is amping up. Even though you’ve already traveled, ventured, relaxed, and taken advantage of everything this wonderful season has to offer, you’re ready for more. Clear about what has made the season epic so far, you’re aware that there’s still so much left to experience! Don’t just stay in motion, accelerate. Summer’s just getting started, and it’s only going to get better.

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Carry On: ‘the Willow’ and ‘the Fremont’


Carry on with your summer! At this point in the summer, we’re amped from our past adventures and excited for those yet to come! So why not carry on with the fun? We’re celebrating the good vibes of the season with the release of the Carry On Collection, including some soon-to-be favorites, ‘the Willow‘ and ‘the Fremont‘. Straight out of KKPeru, ‘the Willow’ and ‘the Fremont’ are made by the women in our Cut & Sew program. This program encourages teamwork and collaboration, as our ladies work together during every step of the construction process. By purchasing these shirts, you know that…

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Summer 2014: Children’s Collection


Our SUMMER 2014 CHILDREN’S COLLECTION comes with a full sense of cuteness and the full power of empowerment. Use our products to start a conversation with your child about global issues and social responsibility.

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Summer 2014: Tank Tops


As KKi grows, so does the types of products we produce. This summer, you can support KKi’s growth with some of our all-new tank tops.

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