Fundamentals (1/6) : Relationships

Fundamentals Program

A year ago, we challenged our global team to come up with a short list of statements that sum up our methods for empowerment. With an ever-growing team, a need arose to develop a series of principles to help our new staff understand the posture we take when going about our work.  The result is a list that we call our Fundamentals. If you ever wanted to get a peak into how we generate social impact, this is a great place to start. For this series, we are highlighting six fundamentals and explaining how they shape our work.

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Training Update: Dancing in Uganda


Yes, dance training is definitely part of our empowerment curriculum. In Uganda, dancing is more than a fun activity for a group of friends on a Friday night. Historically dancing has held much deeper cultural meaning. For thousands of years the Acholi people lived without books, pen and paper. They relied on drama and dancing to pass their cultural narratives and values down the generations.

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[VIDEO] A Product Story: ‘the Pike’


There are people behind each product you buy. A thousand unique fibers connect you to them, and yet, how often are you able to actually connect with them? Learn how ‘the Pike’ weekender bag and every other product made at Krochet Kids intl. connects people far away from one another.

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Story of Change: Akech Sunday


The amazing thing about Sunday is that if you had the chance to meet her today, you wouldn’t know that she came from such tragic beginnings. Sunday is using the opportunity she has at KK Uganda and her passion for business to generate a better life for her young family.

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2013 Annual Report


We take a lot of pride in our ability to quantify the impact happening on the ground at our empowerment projects, and we are excited to share the culmination of that impact over the year as represented in our 2013 Annual Report, beautifully designed by Column Five.

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There’s Power in Thank You

IMG_6470 copy

As simple as it sounds, it’s true: your thank you’s and kind notes are powerful. We love that so many of you have chosen to find the signature on your items, gotten to know the ladies that made your products, and thanked them. It’s humbling for us and touching for them to read your sweet words and kind sentiments. These thank you’s are connections made across the globe to people you can impact with through your purchase and inspire with your words. We’d like to share some of the recent notes we’ve received and want you to know that you’re making a huge difference for them!

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Training Update: Child Wellness in Peru


We strategically choose to empower women because we believe that they have the capacity to in turn empower their communities. Family members tend to be the people most immediately affected by the resources and knowledge that the women bring home. This is a positive trend, but one that only works if family members have healthy relationships with each other.

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Story of Change: Victoria Pumacahua


Victoria is using the fair wages, training and mentorship she is receiving at Krochet Kids Peru to ensure that her past is very different than her future. She and her husband are committed to saving as much of her income as possible to invest in their well-being. They decided their first act of business was to refurbish their home.

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Local Heroes Spotlight: Sarah


Our local staff are the real heroes behind the life-changing work we do in Peru and Uganda. They are passionate about seeing their community change and are tirelessly at work to make sure they leave the place better than when they got there. Meet Sarah, one of our heroes.

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Farming: A Rhythm of Life


Farming is a way of life in Uganda. Families have worked the land and harvested the literal fruits of their labor for millennia. The rhythms of farming are very much ingrained in the rhythms of Ugandan lives.

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