Pop Rocks in Africa

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Maybe you’d think of your first time riding a bike, or a first experience traveling alone. Many of us here at KK intl. HQ agree that an honorable mention among these timeless memories is the perplexing experience of trying Pop Rocks candy for the first time.

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A Day In The Life of a KKU Intern

photo by @george.gold

You’re thinking about applying for an international internship. You’re hearing about how incredible the experience is, and you’re feeling some major wanderlust. But we know it’s hard to really know what to expect. Our current KKUganda interns are here to help! Find out what an average day in Gulu looks like for them.

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KKPeru: Face to Face Trip


We believe our world would be a completely different place if we all considered the impact on those making our clothes and the products we use everyday. This President’s Day weekend four amazing bloggers are traveling down to Krochet Kids Peru to learn firsthand the significance of this idea.

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Story of Change: Eva Alvarez


For all the women who participate in our programs, KK intl is just the starting point of their empowerment journey. From Day 1 they are encouraged to use their time in the program to build a future of wellbeing independent of us. It is always a great joy to watch this transition take place.

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VIDEO: Meet Idro Dominic

Krochet Kids Meet Idro Dominic

Idro Dominic, or “Dom” as we call him, is our Country Director in KKUganda. He oversees all of our operations in Gulu, and we’d love for you to meet him!

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A Holiday Story of Change: Jessica Almerco


The holidays are a special time for Peruvians. Family members who are usually spread out all over the country get together to celebrate the holiday season in true Peruvian-style. For us at KK intl. this is an especially special time of year because we get to celebrate how the holiday season has transformed for the women who participate in our empowerment programs. It brings us joy to see the pressure lifted and people thriving during a time of the year that is meant for just that. For Jessica Almerco this transformation she is very proud of.

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Story of Change: Acayo Christine


Christine once spent nights fearing for the wartime well-being of her family, but today she approaches her future with confidence and positivity. Christine’s journey highlights an important aspect of the impact KK intl. programs generates; when one is empowered, they empower others.

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Fundamentals (1/6) : Relationships

Fundamentals Program

A year ago, we challenged our global team to come up with a short list of statements that sum up our methods for empowerment. With an ever-growing team, a need arose to develop a series of principles to help our new staff understand the posture we take when going about our work.  The result is a list that we call our Fundamentals. If you ever wanted to get a peak into how we generate social impact, this is a great place to start. For this series, we are highlighting six fundamentals and explaining how they shape our work.

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Training Update: Dancing in Uganda


Yes, dance training is definitely part of our empowerment curriculum. In Uganda, dancing is more than a fun activity for a group of friends on a Friday night. Historically dancing has held much deeper cultural meaning. For thousands of years the Acholi people lived without books, pen and paper. They relied on drama and dancing to pass their cultural narratives and values down the generations.

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[VIDEO] A Product Story: ‘the Pike’


There are people behind each product you buy. A thousand unique fibers connect you to them, and yet, how often are you able to actually connect with them? Learn how ‘the Pike’ weekender bag and every other product made at Krochet Kids intl. connects people far away from one another.

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