Inaugural Business Plan Competition in Peru


With graduation being such an important part of our model, our mentors spend a lot of time preparing program participants with the knowledge they need to make the transition away from our services. One of the key prerequisites to a successful transition is that woman have the capacity to find or create a good job that will continue to provide life-changing resources to her family for the long term. As a result we allocate more training time to business topics than any other. The cornerstone of our business training is the business plan competition.

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Giving Thanks


t KK intl., we find great power in being thankful and expressing that thankfulness. That’s why we allow and encourage our customers to personally who made their product. Learn what the ladies in our program are thankful for this year!

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Behind the Scenes: World’s Greatest Beanie


After assembling a team of talented photographers, videographers, and adventurers, we hit the road and traveled far and wide across Peru, capturing landscapes and spending time with each individual that makes this beanie truly unique. Learn more about a few members of the team below, as well as details about their experience documenting the World’s Greatest Beanie.

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Story of Change: Rosa Barahona


Recently we were invited by Rosa, a participant at KK Peru, to join her family and friends in celebrating her son’s birthday. Now that you’ve seen a picture of Gustavo you’ll know we couldn’t resist the offer. I mean look at this kid! We wanted you to meet this wonderful woman.

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Graduation is Empowerment


Graduation is a symbol of self-reliance. When a lady enters our program, she not only receives a job, mentorship, and education but is placed on a path to empowerment. Through our program, she grows to her full capacity and becomes a source of change in her community. We are confident that these women will continue to thrive after leaving our program, which is why graduation is such a joyous day.

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The 2014 Annual Report

social entrepreneurship

This year, we’re making our work even more accessible by creating an Instagram account dedicated to the report, along with other accounts that feature highlights and women that we’ve empowered through our program. We exist to create a long lasting impact that transcends the need for outside aid and our non-profit status allows us to invest finances and resources into our initiatives and ensure a deeper impact and 2014 reflected all aspects of this.

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A Celebration: KK Peru’s 4th Anniversary


We’re so incredibly proud of the progress our staff and beneficiaries have made over the last four years, so of course we needed to celebrate. Our international team engaged in a bubble soccer tournament, a dance competition featuring traditional styles that incorporated various instruments, props, and costumes, and a volleyball tournament, which happens to be a favorite sport among ladies and staff alike at KK Peru.

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New E-book: A Simple Guide to Measuring Social Impact


Social entrepreneurs have immense potential to generate the positive social change that will keep humanity afloat, but only those with well-designed and tested models will successfully do so. Our new e-book is a resource for non-profits to create even more impact.

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Mentors At Play

Mentor 8

KK intl. mentors act like co-pilots that partner with the women on their journey towards a better future. As you can imagine, empowerment is no walk in the park. In fact it’s really hard work, which is why we took a break to celebrate what we’ve accomplished and prepare for what the rest of the year has in store for us. This is the first time any of the mentors have seen a ropes course, but that didn’t slow them down one bit.

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