KK intl. x Ugmonk

We just launched a brand new collaboration with designer and entrepreneur Jeff Sheldon — or as you may know him, Ugmonk. With your purchase of our collaborative poster and t-shirts you are supporting the dreams of women globally and a passionate designer stateside.

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Meet Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk, our second feature for our #KnowWhoMadeIt series. This movement was created to bridge the gap between consumer and producer. For the end user, the products hold much more significance and purpose. For the maker, it honors their creation and provides credit where credit is due.

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Five Reasons to Intern for KK intl.


There are so many reasons why interning for this organization is great, but to spare you excessive scrolling, I’ve narrowed it down to the top reasons to intern at Krochet Kids intl.

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Take Our Survey!


You’ll receive a 20% discount code for your answers, and you can also opt to be entered to win $200 to KK intl. Together, we can empower people to rise above poverty.

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Retailer Spotlight: Frances Jaye

Frances Jaye

Jenny Van Veen always dreamed of owning her own business, and after discovering the exceptional community of Holland, MI she knew that she could put her roots down and flourish with Frances Jaye. Offering a variety of apparel and accessories for both men & women, Frances Jaye is an eclectic boutique that we’re proud to partner with in spreading our message of empowerment!

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Top 10 Places to Visit in East Africa

Visiting East Africa

Here at Krochet Kids intl. we are lucky enough to call multiple locations “home”. From our sunny HQ in Southern California to our empowerment projects in both Uganda and Peru, we commit to rooting ourselves in each of these places. We’re fortunate that our mission of empowerment takes us near and far – Our Director of Development, Sean, spent four years working in Krochet Kids Uganda and traveling across East Africa. He returned from his time in Uganda with incredible stories of impact, change, and an impressive list of the top 10 places to visit in East Africa. 1. Zanzibar,…

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Retailer Spotlight: South Coast Wahines


Since 1974, they’ve solidified their place on the boardwalks as one of the city’s go-to surf shops. With the opening of their Wahines stores in Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach, they’ve created a vibrant community hub for SD girls to hang out and shop, join their surf teams, and lead the charge for the next great wave. We’re proud to partner with this awesome retailer to bring our products to the San Diego beach community.

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An Open Letter to Dreamers


To those who don’t believe in a 12 step program for life. To those who trade comfort for passion. To you who are challenging the way things are “supposed to be”… keep going. Chase after your dream, this unique calling that only you can pursue.

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SUMMER 2015 Collection


Quality Over Quantity We live in a world that is obsessed with MORE. We amass things, friends and influence as if they are all in scarce supply. In school we are taught that the goal is to make good money, to climb the corporate ladder, and to scale our businesses as fast as possible. This, however, is the mentality that disconnects us from the things that matter. In our pursuit to gain more, we overstep healthy boundaries, overlook meaningful friendships, and leave a trail of brokenness in our wake. We look for as many shortsighted and surface level connections to…

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Retailer Spotlight: Bound For Freedom


Husband and wife team Austin and Kelsey Bock have been dreaming of ways to make a difference in the world ever since their college days. With Bound For Freedom (B4F), they’ve created a vibrant hub for the community of their beloved St. Joseph, Michigan, to come together and spread awareness and support for global issues through events, displays, and products that give back. We’re proud to partner with B4F in spreading the message and importance of empowerment. When did you first experience a desire to open a store like Bound for Freedom? Bound For Freedom (B4F) has always been a…

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