Welcome Holiday 2015!

winter fashion

Explore farther from the comfort of new headwear, accessories, and apparel made for chilly days. Get out there in scarves, beanies, and layering essentials from our Holiday 2015 collection.

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What’s it Worth?: Name Your Price!

The endless desire to seek the lowest price for all our apparel is hurting our planet and the people involved in the process. Rarely do we as consumers pause and consider the true cost of the items we purchase, and the impact it has the all the hands that brought that item into existence.

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The 2014 Annual Report

social entrepreneurship

This year, we’re making our work even more accessible by creating an Instagram account dedicated to the report, along with other accounts that feature highlights and women that we’ve empowered through our program. We exist to create a long lasting impact that transcends the need for outside aid and our non-profit status allows us to invest finances and resources into our initiatives and ensure a deeper impact and 2014 reflected all aspects of this.

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A Celebration: KK Peru’s 4th Anniversary


We’re so incredibly proud of the progress our staff and beneficiaries have made over the last four years, so of course we needed to celebrate. Our international team engaged in a bubble soccer tournament, a dance competition featuring traditional styles that incorporated various instruments, props, and costumes, and a volleyball tournament, which happens to be a favorite sport among ladies and staff alike at KK Peru.

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Best of Barranco


Barranco is an up and coming district in Lima, Peru that is home to a thriving culture, art, and a flourishing community. We’re lucky to have our empowerment project located just a short bus ride from this artistic and romantic town, and our interns often enjoy venturing to Barranco on the weekends to indulge in the gourmet cuisine, coffee, shops, and museums Barranco has to offer.

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FALL 2015 Collection

Layer up with our latest accessories or long sleeve apparel to fully embrace the autumnal season. These latest pieces continue to showcase the abilities of our beneficiaries as they move towards their independent futures. Shop the collection and get equipped to start the season ready to cultivate change.

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Playlist: Sounds of Fall

fall playlist

Let this playlist guide you through the transition of summer to fall as leaves shift colors, temperatures cool, and the opportunity for a bountiful new season is embraced.

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KK intl. x Ugmonk

We just launched a brand new collaboration with designer and entrepreneur Jeff Sheldon — or as you may know him, Ugmonk. With your purchase of our collaborative poster and t-shirts you are supporting the dreams of women globally and a passionate designer stateside.

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