Laker Rose

Laker Rose Krochet Kids Uganda

Laker Rose’s childhood ended abruptly when in 1993, at the age of 9, she was abducted by the LRA and held captive for 11 years. During this time she was forced into marriage and gave birth to one child, but was rescued by government soldiers during a crossfire. As a beneficiary for KKU, Rose is able to provide for herself and her child and looks forward to providing her child with a joyful and healthy life.

“I hope to save my money so that I can start my own business when my time in the program ends.”

“I enjoy making and selling paper beads.”

Message to KKi
“Thank you for what you do and do not change what you are doing. You are different from other groups as you really care and do not take from us. Thank you and God bless you.”

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  1. Quentin

    Miss Rose,
    Such a lovely name for a lovely lady; who not only exceeds in her craftsmanship, but also is a human being whose heart and soul surge with kindness. I hope that you never stop doing what you love, Miss Rose. If you did, the world would be a little less bearable, because it’s people like you that make the sun shine in the morning, causes the wind to howl with joy, and the mountains to tremble with happiness. I love my hat. The one with your name on it, Miss Rose. Thank you so much.
    Quentin S.

  2. Steven Harp

    Miss Rose,
    Well, my darling, you are something special that’s for sure. Your talents and triumphs amaze us, and we hope you continue living your best life and doing what you love. We recently purchased your “lincoln” (red) bow tie, and I (Steven) CANNOT WAIT to wear this back at the office. We will tell everyone about you and KKI. Keep up the great work!

    All our love,
    Steven & Andrea Harp