Auma Sunday

Auma Sunday Krochet Kids Uganda

While Aumu Sunday was once an orphan, forced to drop out of school for lack of finances, she is now thriving as a beneficiary for KKU. She is now able to meet her own basic needs with the money that she earns and is also supporting her sister’s daughter through school.

“I look forward to no more worries about meeting my needs. My future dream is to buy a plot of land so that I can farm on it because I love to dig and work the land.”

“Northern Uganda is blessed with good weather, fertile land with a good landscape and a flat land.”

“My message to KKU is thank you for changing my life and please continue to help disadvantaged peoples who have been affected by war.”

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  1. Candace gaddis

    I want to thank you so very much for my beanie. I have a deep abiding passion for the well being of others, so learning about this organization has made me so happy. My boyfriend got me the beanie for Christmas and I can’t say how precious it is to me because of who crafted it. You have a home in my heart and your beanie has a home on my head. Thank you very much! You’re a special person.

  2. Susan Hornbrook

    Hello Sunday! :) I received the hat you made for a Christmas gift! It’s so beautiful! I have always looked terrible in hats, and this is the first one I feel like looks nice on me. :))) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and also are feeling God’s peace surrounding you. I wish I knew how to make cool things like these hats! I just know how to fix people’s hair, so perhaps we are doing similar work, both of us making people’s heads look nicer! :) I am happy to know that this lovely hat was made by your skilled hands and that it may help you to get ahead and achieve your dreams! I loved what someone else wrote you, that we’re all in this together.. SO TRUE. God bless you and I wish you peace, health and happiness. In friendship..~Susan