Arach Mary

Arach Mary

After completing primary school, Arach Mary was forced to drop out of school in senior two due to a pregnancy. Her education was greatly affected during the war when she was not able to work or attend classes. With the money that she has earned at KKU, Mary has been able to provide for her mother and siblings. She hopes to save all of her money to go back to school and to educate her child in the future.

“My dream is to go back to school and also educate my baby in future.”

“My most enjoyable activity is sporting. I am an athlete and enjoy running most of all.”

“The message I have for KKU is one of thanks and that they should continue to support the vulnerable women in the war torn areas.”

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  1. Kaitlyn Biri

    Thank you. You are an inspiration to me. It’s amazing how you want to better you self and so many people in this would don’t. I love the hat you made me. It is perfect. Thank you so much!