Anena Irene

Anena Irene

Since childhood, Anena Irene has earned her living by working on farms and around the houses of people in her village. She has been married twice and has four children total who she supports on her own. As a beneficiary of KKU, Irene does not have to struggle to support her children and has begun saving for their future.

“I want to be able to take care of my family and meet all of their needs.”

“I enjoy garden work and digging.”

“Thank you for all that you have done in my life. You have changed my sadness to happiness. Thank you!”

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  1. Christine Belair


    I just bought this hat yesterday. I live in the Northeast (Boston Area) and it it has been freezing here! I have received so many compliments on it already. It gives me the oppurtnunity to tell the story of Krochet Kids. I purchasd this hat in particular because of the selection of colors. I will be helping out a school this weekend and wanted to wear the school colors. It is perfect!
    I love the mission and will continue to support Krochet Kids. I have purchased hats for myself before and as gifts for my family. Everybody loves them!

    Thank you so Much!

  2. Erica G

    Hello Irene.

    I just bought your hat yesterday and I love it! It’s -24 degrees Celsius here today so I’ll need it.
    I just learned about Krochet Kids Int. and I think it’s a wonderful program that I will continue to support in the future.
    Thank you again for the wonderful hat. You have a great talent! I wish you and your family health and happiness for the future!

  3. Erin Heinlein

    I was given the hat you made for a gift. It is absolutely beautiful! Your work is amazing. I hope you and your children are doing well. Thank you very much! Much love your way.

  4. Debbie Bayle

    Thank you for the beautiful beanie I bought my husband today. he is going to love it! what beautiful work you do:)

  5. Sarah Phillips

    Here in Canada the winter gets very cold. The beautiful scarf that you have made will keep me warm during these very cold months,

    thank you very much
    it is greatly appreciated

    Sarah Phillips and Family

  6. Sarah Kerrn

    Anena Irene,
    You are such a blessing!!! I love the hat and that I can connect with you from across the globe. I also love that I can help you care for your family. Your biography was touching; I hope you make more awesome pieces for those here who need a reminder. I pray God may bless you and reveal Himself to you in great ways.

    Sarah Kerrn
    Bloomington, IL
    Marion, IN

  7. Denise Dingus

    I love wearing hats and just purchased my newest one yesterday. When I was taking the tags off I read the story and had to visit this website I am honrored to wear this one. I love homemade items because to me, they are made from the heart. I will wear this hat proudly and am shopping this site to get a different style. Thank you for your time and talent in creating this hat!!

    Denise – NJ, USA

  8. Lacy Saye

    Anena Irene, thank you for my wonderful hat!! Thank you for being an inspiration. Thank you for your sacrifice of putting family first. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for the joy and happiness you have shared. Blessings and peace to you and your family.

  9. Harold Vilander

    Just bought one of your hats. It is vey well made. Thanks

  10. Susan Reddan

    Anena Irene – thank you for my beautiful new hat!!! Soft and warm, perfect for these cold New York winters. I LOVE it! Susan Reddan Monroe, NY

  11. Lydia Cameron

    Thank you!!!!! On Christmas I got a hat from you. I LOVE it!!! Sincerly,Lydia Cameron Chattaroy,WA

  12. Jessica Kositz

    My sister gave me a hat you created. It is beautiful and I smile to see your picture and know who made my hat. What a great gift. All the best to you and your family.