Anena Cindrella

Anena Cinderella

As the oldest of five children born to HIV-positive parents, Anena Cindrella spent the majority of her childhood years caring for her dying mother and father. With the money that she earns at KKU, Cindrella is able to support and send to school her four younger siblings. She hopes to continue to save so that she can buy land and build a home for her family and give them safe, happy lives.

“I dream of building a home for my family so that my younger brothers and sisters will have a safe place to live.”

“I enjoy reading the Bible when I am not working.”

“To the founders and promoters of KKU, thank you. You have done many wonderful things in Northern Uganda and have changed our lives in positive ways.”

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Previous Thank Yous

  1. Kendra Douglas

    Dearest Anena,
    You are truly amazing! Reading the stories of the many women in your country and to receive a hat that you have made I am honored. Upon opening the package, I began to cry. It’s beautiful! I will continue to support Krochet Kids and do continue to make people warm and happy with your beautiful creations :*

  2. Ed Wilgus


    You are a magician! My daughter, Kali, just came back from Uganda after working with Krochet Kids. She surprised me at Christmas with a very special hat made by your magic fingers. The color of the hat was that of my favorite sports team, The Ohio State Buckeyes…the largest university in the United States. Every time I put on this hat, I will think of you and your family. I so appreciate the gift of your handwork and all you did to work together with my daughter. It is truly amazing to realize that you are making so very many people around the world smile. Please know that I also appreciated reading your personal story…truly courageous. It moved me to tears. Thank you for helping me to realize that relationships are a gift to be treasured, just like the hat you made me.
    My warmest thanks and deepest appreciation. You ROCK!

  3. Yihui Chen

    Hi Cindrella! Thank you for my new Betty hat! I bought it at Urbana, which is a huge student missions conference in America. You inspire me and I pray that God will bless you and keep you!

  4. *anena cinderella

    am also amazed ur my name sake .am anena cinderella as well.
    i come from mucwini kitgum uganda,northern uganda.
    i am in makereerre university kampala

  5. Dakota Sandras

    Hi Cindrella!
    I was blessed enough to get to come visit Uganda myself and visit KKi, which is where I got the hat I have that you made. Thank you so much for your hard work! I hope you are blessed by the mission of Krochet Kids and I know that God is totally present there. I was so sad I didn’t get to meet you or any of the other women while we were there but I hope I will get to someday!

  6. Teri Lutz

    Dear Cindrella- I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my gold Betty hat that you made so beautifully!! I live in northern Minnesota, USA and we have winter (snow) here 3-4 months each year. It has kept my head and ears warm. I have had many, many compliments on it. I will continue to wear it year-round because it is so cool!! God’s richest blessings!

  7. Ethan Radike

    Thank you so much, i love the hat i got from you! God bless you and i hope you get that house soon, i wish you and your family all the luck you could have.

  8. Emma Haselow

    I just received a Bella that you made and I love it. May God bless you and provide for you in every way. I will keep you in my prayers.

  9. Blake Fields

    Thank you very much CInderella! Hope you have an amazing day :)

  10. Bernadette Connell

    Anena, I love your hat! Much success to you in reaching your goals. I will continue to support you in your efforts to care for your family.

  11. Mallory Brown

    Dear Anena,

    my mom bought me one of your fabulous hats for christmas and i was so surprised to find out that it was hand made because it is so beautiful. thank you for everything that you do and i hope that everything is turning out like a cindrella story :) keep living life to the fullest

  12. Kendell Snow

    I got one of the betty hats you made for christmas. It is one of the greatest gifts i have ever gotten. I hope you and your family are well. Best of luck for the future! (:

  13. Mattie


    thank you so much for the wonderful work that you do. I just bought a hat, and it is beautiful. You are a very brave, strong person, and your siblings are blessed to have you to look up to. We will pray for you and your family, and I think I am going to get a hat for my sister as well.

    thank you, and good luck to you and your family!

  14. Robin G

    Dear Anena, thank you for this beautiful hat that will be given to my mom for Christmas. I hope it will help you with your younger brothers and sisters. Keep praying and reading your Bible. God is good to those who love him.

  15. Cassandra San Roman

    Thank you so much. I will always cherish knowing the story behind it. You’re an inspiration and I’m glad to say I’m wearing one of your hats and was able to help make a difference. I wish you luck in your dreams.
    Love, Cassie.

  16. Trecia S.

    thank you so much for my hat! you are a wonderful women and your work is beautiful!!! I’m not really a person who wears hats but your hat has changed my mind! :D thank you so much again! and by the way your name is very pretty

    Best of luck to you and your loved ones Cindrella
    ~Trecia S.

  17. Celina Avalos

    Anena Cindrella,

    Thank you so much for my amazing handmade hat. It was a gift from a friend for this holiday season and I hope that this only helps you get one step closer to achieve your dreams and wishes. You’re an amazing and strong woman Cindrella. Best of luck to you and your family.

    God Bless,
    Celina Avalos

  18. Greg Strickler

    Dearest Cindrella,
    Although we are half a world away I love the idea of my son bought this beautiful hat for me. He believes what you are doing for you and your family is a great thing and you will receive many Blessings in return. To change one life can lead to changing the world. We will keep you in our prayers.
    Thank you
    Betty Creswell

  19. Linsey


    Thank you so much for the beautiful hat. I will wear it all the time and tell all my friends about it. I really appreciate the thought and care that you put into this wonderfully unique hat. You are an inspiration. God bless.


  20. Kacey Pounds

    Dearest Cindrella, I have the most beautiful and comfortable beanie that you put your time and care into. I will cherish it knowing it is you who I know made it specifically for Me. I will share your story to Everyone!!! Sending you Blessings From Bakersfield, California.

    Kacey Pounds