Alimo Winny

Alimo Winny

Alimo Winny is the storyteller of the group.  After years of exile and tribulation brought on by the war, Winny is now supporting herself and her family with the money she earns at KKU.  Winny is generous with her money (she’s sending her siblings to school) and stories and can often be found telling the other women about her family and her dreams for the future.

“My future plan is to save as much money as possible so as to buy a plot of land and be able to build a house. I also would like to start up an income generating activity so as to earn more money for my family.”

“What I currently like about Northern Uganda is the prevailing peace that exists in the region.”

“My most enjoyable activity is telling stories with friends.”

“My message to KKU is that God should bless them for this programme because of the support they are providing. I had no hope of doing anything that would enable me to earn the kind of money I am currently getting because I lack knowledge through formal education. I hope that the organization will extend this support to other vulnerable ladies in the community.”

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  1. Louise Havstad

    Thank you so much for this wonderful hat! God bless your heart

    Best Wishes,
    Louise Havstad

  2. Desiree

    Thank you so much for my beautiful hat, I absolutely adore it. I am happy to see that by my purchase the money will help you send your siblings to school, and I adore that. Your story is truly inspiring and I will hopefully buy more products made by you.

  3. Shannon Garrett

    Thank you so much, Winny! I love the hat you made me! God bless you and your future! :)