Akello Mary

Akello Mary

Akello Mary is one strong Acholi woman. She likes to keep everyone in check and is never afraid to speak her mind. Her assertive attitude is more than matched by her love for people, however, and she brings a mature and protective leadership to the group.

“Peace will be the best thing. This war should stop so that we have peace and go back to the villages and live the normal lives we used to live because we’ve lost all our culture. So I think the best thing for Northern Uganda is peace.”

“I love to have my children around and I want to get them to education to the highest level and I really want to look after them well so in the future, when I’m gone, when I’m out of this world, they’ll be able to stand on their own and be strong and do well.”

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  1. Emily Jones

    In Florida I purchased a hat you made. I love it & it is a baby hat. My newborn girl is wearing it this winter. Hope all is well with you. I treasure this handmade hat.

  2. Charlotte Wilson


    I just received your hat as a Christmas gift from a friend of mine. I LOVE IT! The design is wonderfully done and as I just told my friend, the stitch is amazing!! I am also a fellow knitter so receiving a handmade gift does hold a special place in my heart because I think they are the best gifts to receive. They come from a place of warmth (and patience). They are also treasured from years to come because a person actually took the time to design something with the hope that someone will fall in love with it and I know I LOVE my hat.

    Stay strong!

  3. Jasmin Hathaway-Houston

    Hello Mary, My Name is Jasmin I am from a small town in Massachusetts which is in the United States. It is very cold here so I bought a hat to keep my head warm. I wanted to thank you for keeping my head warm in this cold winter ahead. you did a beautiful job. I am in college. I am the first to go in my family. I hope that your children can continue their education. Thank you so much for your hat i will cherish it for winters to come.

  4. Jasmin Abou-Auda

    Thank you very much Mary for the wonderful hat that you made, this hat will keep me warm for the whole winter, I really appreciate your hard work and dedication on delivering these perfect products to people. I wish you a long life full of love and happiness with your family. This hat made me happy :)

  5. Alvaro Moreno

    Thank you so much for the hat! It’s good to know that there still products out there made by people and not machines! I will take care of this hat! It is an amazing fit! Thanks again!!!!! :D

  6. Cammie Mosier

    Mary, I just received the hat in the mail that you made. It is by far my favorite article of clothing that I have ever bought! Thank you so much for taking the time to make it; it is very well made and will keep me warm in the winter! I wish you and Travis the best. Keep being a strong, hardworking woman. God bless and thanks again.

    - Cammie (Indiana)

  7. Christelle

    Thank you for making the sweet little hat I bought for my 2 year old daughter, she looks very cute in it!

  8. Adele Teti

    Hi Mary!
    Thank you so much for making the beanie hat thing! I truly love it. It made me very happy when I bought because it was so beautiful and keeps me warm even though it’s hot right now but it will keep me warm when i move to england this sunday. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are a remarkable women and I love how you are trying to make Uganda a better place. I truly appreciate it and I hope your country will grow and make peace. All the things you have done to make all these people happy is remarkable and I bet you are very proud of yourself to do so. I love you! I am from Fullerton, California soon to be in Hutingdon, England. Thank you for everything, and I’ll be sure to wear this hat everyday when it gets cold. I will continue you to pray for you guys and your family!

  9. Danielle Zieske

    Thank you very much for my hat. It is very nice, I will enjoy wearing it for a long time.

  10. Nicole

    Hello Mary!
    I just got my beautiful little black Barney Hat in the mail today! I have been wanting it for weeks and I haven’t found a hat that even compares to it. Thank you so much for your hard work and care to make it. I assure you it will be put to good use. :)
    Lots of Love <3

  11. Casey Coleman

    My mom just gave me a Juliet that you made me for my birthday! It is so beautiful and I can’t wait to wear it and show off your amazing work! Thank you so much for all that you do!

  12. Dorothy Jackson

    Hello Mary. I purchased a hat made by you today, and I am so thankful that I could help someone else and actually see the person that I am helping. I will wear my hat with pride and let everyone know that I am wearing a special hat made by your hands. May God continue to bless you and your family.