Ajok Maureen

After the death of her parents, Maureen dealt with much discrimination from her polygamous uncle with whom she lived.  “For us, we were like total strangers to him,” Maureen explained.   To escape the family hardship, she lovingly wed to a carpenter who later died from a stray bullet.  Maureen is currently living as a widow with her four children and working for KKU.  Maureen says that she doesn’t know what she would be doing if she did not have the job with Krochet Kids intl. because now she is able to afford rent, food, and schooling for her children.

“Crocheting.  I thought I loved doing retail business but crocheting has turned out to be my most enjoyed activity. Through it, I concentrate and leave other thoughts aside.”

“Love is a gift and if you are not blessed with that special gift you can never help anyone.”

“A very big thank you for starting up this organization. You guys have thought about the women of Northern Uganda whose lives have been wrecked by the rebellion and turned it around and made it so good. Thank you very much for thinking about us. May God bless you and your families. I will always include you in my prayers.”

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Previous Thank Yous

  1. Heather Muller

    Thank you Ajok Maureen!

    The hat is beautiful. I had been looking at it for a long time before I bought it. My younger son who is 18 months old is the one who wears it and he asks for it a lot. “Hat on?” He asks. And when it comes off – or he takes it off – he asks, “Back on?” It’s very sweet. It honestly makes it all the better knowing who made it, and especially you being another mother.

    Be well.


    Heather Muller, Los Angeles, CA, USA

  2. Kirsten Moen

    Thank you so much for my beautiful blue circle scarf. I absolutely love it. The color is amazing and the quality of your work is wonderful. I am looking forward to wearing it this winter in the Pacific Northwest. It gets cold here. Thank you or signing your work and allowing me to read about your story and your family. I wish you and your four children the best.
    Thank you for sharing your talent with me.
    -Kirsten (Portland, Oregon)

  3. Danielle Chandler

    Dear Ajok Maureen,
    Thank you for the beautiful work you created by making the hat that I have received as a gift for my baby. I am pregnant and this was the first baby gift I received! I am so happy to learn about KKI and to know that the purchase of this little hat has helped you and your family, as well as blessing mine. God Bless You, and I will be praying for you.

  4. Aimee

    Dear Ajok, you and the other ladies at Krochet Kids International inspire me. I love my comfy, well-made hat that you created. It’s beautiful! Thank you!

  5. Megan Sunde

    I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am for my hat. I want to be a missionary in Uganda in the future and this hat constantly reminds me of God’s plan in my life and others all over the world. I want you to know I am praying for you and your children. May God bless you and your path. Stay faithful and have hope.

    From your sister,

  6. Evelyn S.

    Hi Ajok Maureen,
    I received one of your beanies as a gift this Christmas (the 5207.5, the exact same one you’re pictured in showing the label),and I love it! Thank you so much for the time and hard work you put into creating this beanie. Although it doesn’t get too cold in Southern California, I’ll still wear it even on the hottest days here and cherish this gift forever. Blessings to you and your family, I hope for nothing but the best to you all for many years to come. Thank you.


  7. Amber VanBlaricum

    Dear Ajok Maureen,
    I just received my with headband that you made! It is beautiful. I absolutely love it and I appreciate how much time and effort you put into making your work look so fantastic. Best of luck to you in the future and keep up the good work.

    Dallas, TX

  8. Lindsay Norlin


    Thank you so much for the beautiful flower clip for my hair! I absolutely love it. I will pray for you and your family in Uganda and the people of your wonderful nation! Your work was beautiful and I am so excited to wear it!

    Thank you,

    Lindsay, Sumner, WA, USA

  9. Paula D

    Dear Ajok Maureen,
    Thank you for the beautiful “Mütze” (beanie) my son is wearing in Germany. Your work is perfect!
    All the best for you…

  10. Cyndie Sands

    Ajok Maureen, Thank you so very much for your beautiful crochet work. I wish there was a photo of you to see your beauty on this page. Many blessings to you and your family. I will soon look for more beautiful work from you in the shop where I bought this hat. Thank you again -

  11. mark b

    Thanks so much for the beautiful hat you mad me. I lived in Uganda a few years ago and travel there regularly, so the hat means a lot to me. I love the hat and know it will keep me warm this winter.
    Merry Christmas!

  12. Chrissy Mehnert

    Maureen, Thank you so very much for the hard work and true talent you put into making my new hat. It is my favorite hat and it keeps me very warm. I wish that I could make something as beautiful as you have made! You inspire me.

    With a smile,

  13. Olivia Kay

    Thank you so much for my gorgeous! You are very talented and I love it! You made me juliet hat! You touched my heart with your story!

  14. Maria Carfagno

    Thank you so much for making such a beautiful hat! You are a very talented woman, and I appreciate the hours of hard work that it took to create it! Keep up the great work! Thank you :)

  15. Antonia Varty

    Thank you for making such beautiful hats Ajok! I love mine and will think of you whenever I wear it. Many blessings to you!

  16. Skye Myers

    Thank you so much Maureen!!<3 you made a blue sunglasses pouch and I love it! Keep it up(:

  17. Kately Nikiforuk

    Thank you so much for my Jane style knit headband!!! It is absolutely gorgeous. I love the rich cranberry colour and the cute button detail. I have been wearing it since I got it and can’t wait to get more use out of it this fall! It is so cool to have such a unique piece with such an inspiring story behind it. I think it is so fabulous that Krochet Kids offers the opportunity for customers to understand where their products come from and the difference that buying them makes for the people who made them. I was very moved by your story – you are an amazing woman. Keep crocheting! :)

  18. Siena D.

    Thank you so much!!! I love my hat and I think it’s really awesome that you ladies sign your products, because I felt like I could connect with you guys….and it let me know even more that all of your hats are handmade, and not made in a factory, each hat is different. 2 years ago I traveled to a country in southern Africa and I know it was probably very different than where you live, but it was still really cool. Thanks again for taking the time to make my hat, and I really love it! (And I think you are very strong because of your past experiences and your ability to move on.)

  19. Annie Moynihan

    The hat you crocheted is beautiful! I have worn it for the past three days straight. You did such an amazing job! You and your family are in my prayers. Thank you so much!!!

  20. Manami Bjorndal

    Konnichiwa Ajok-san:) (Hello Mrs. Ajok in japanese.) I love the hat you made:) i might just wear it during the summer because i love it soo much:) it is beautiful:) Arigato:) (Thank you in Japanese.)

  21. Fabiola Lopez

    Ajok Maureen,thank you so much,for crocheting me this beautiful hat(the betty).God Bless you and your family.

  22. Maddie Joel

    Thank you so much for making me my wonderful hat! So many people complimented me on it. You amaze me, keep making your amazing hats!
    -Maddie, Oregon :)
    Merry Christmas!!!