Adong Lucy

Adong Lucy

Adong Lucy was born in Gulu and her family was greatly affected by the war. It robbed them of many loved ones and the memories are still fresh in her mind. The food granaries that were brought down to ashes and life was practically unbearable without proper food, shelter and health care. Due to domestic issues, she is currently separated from her husband and is left to raise her three children single handedly.

“I would love to be able to work hard enough to buy a plot of land and educate my children.”

“I like reading the bible and playing with my children.”

“I appreciate what KKi and KKU are doing. I wish them the best of luck as they expand to other parts of the world.”

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  1. Seth McCurley

    Dear Adong Lucy,

    I’d love to thank you for the wonderful hat that you have made for me. I’ve just heard Kohl speak at my university, and was dumbfounded at the drive and motivation that you display in providing for your family despite the circumstances that you’ve endured. You are an inspiration!

    God bless,

  2. Faustine Hudson

    Dearest Adong,

    I just played a music festival and stumbled across the booth for Krochet Kids. I set my eyes on the amazing tale that this organization puts on, and in the midst had checked out a beanie that was lying on a table. Not only did I fall in love with the beanie, but fell even more in love with the tag inside. The work you do is absolutely beautiful.

    Thank you for the work that you do.

    You have inspired me.

    It is the little things that make this big planet keep circling.

    Much Love,
    Faustine Hudson
    Drummer / The Maldives
    Seattle , WA

  3. James Collard

    Adong Lucy,

    It is so inspirational that you wish to work and provide for your family in any way possible. My hat is fantastic, and I really appreciate you making it for me! Best of luck in buying land and providing for your children, I know you are capable of that and even much more!

  4. David Kanada

    Thank you for the hat it’s amazing!!! I will wear it with humble pride

  5. Deljahh

    Adong, thank you for making my hat. I respect your craft and all that you have endured. Continue to share your art and respect/ blessings will poor your way. Jah Bless…


  6. M Stephens

    Dear Adong Lucy,
    I Loved the hat you made for me. It is really beautiful and I think that you have some real talent for making hats like these. This is an amazing hat and I really appreciate it.